Code: 12691O
Brand: KBA
Year: 2010
colors: 5
Size: 72x105
Visibility: On the place
Status: Excellent
Availability: Immediate


KBA RA 105-5+L CX 

Year 2010
1 coating unit
1 Extended delivery
Impressions: 158 Mill (03.08.2023)
Max Size:720×1050 mm
Min Size:360×520 mm
Speed: 15.000s/h max
Colortronic console
Varidamp alcohol dampening system with cooling and equipment
Baldwin Combiliner for Varidamp and ink temperature control, water cooled system
Semiautomatic plate change (PWHA)
All washers Impression cylinder /blanket cylinder and Rollers Baldwin, automatically
Coating unit with chamber blade
Chamber blade Harris & Bruno, with 2 Anilox rollers changeable
IR /TL Dryer Grafix combination in extended delivery 2600mm
Weko Powder Sprayer AP262
Nonstop manual in feeder
Nonstop automatically in delivery
Air cabinet Becker for feeder and delivery (blowing/Vacuum)
compressor and air cooler for 8bar(new)

CX Package – 1,2mm cartonboard thickness, via air until 600gr/m², via mechanical solution from 600gr/m²
Thinpaper package – 0,04mm
Densitronic S (delivered with machine in 2010)
Litho Flash full automatically inline measurement system (installed 2017 / new generation)
IPM System installed for process optimization