About Us

Elektrospeed has become a leader in the field of mechanics and electronics of small offset machines and medium format.

Elektrospeed offers to its customers expertise, professionalism and precision.

Today Elektrospeed is a reality in continuous expansion, is able offers guidance and solutions adapted to the needs of each individual, giving our customers rapid and concrete answers through the organization of our technicians who work 24/24 nationally and internationally.

One of the strengths of elektrospeed consists of finding the Best machine with cheaper prices.
Before to be sale Machine is checked by our expert, that certify the state of the machine.

Machines sale is only one of the service that Elektrospeed offer.
Our service starts from machines deal and drive customer in disassembly, trasport, installation and in test of the Machine.

The most important point of elektrospeed is right in support, because as the name implies elektroSPEED we are the speedest in our field to provide support on offset machine or lithographicmachine.
Elektrospeed born as emergency support, this is why our team is always ready to repair failure,by presenting the place as soon as possible.