KBA PLANETA Variant P44-7 SW2

Code: 11364O
Brand: Planeta
Year: 1989
colors: 4
Size: 72x102
Visibility: On the place
Status: Excellent
Availability: Immediate

KBA PLANETA Variant P44-7SW2
Year 1989
4 Colors
Electrical Main Motor
Size 72×102
Perfecting Machine 4+0 / 2+2
Varicontrol Ink Register Remote
Conventional Alcol Dampening

Approx 1852992 Hours
Speed Approx 11.000 s/h
Tickness 0.08-0.8 mm
Quick action plate change
Double Sheet Control
Sheet slow-down device
Powder sprayer
Plate punch
Manuals and stardard tools
Visible In Production

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